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Have you undergone and suffered from a truck accident near Boston and possibly have spinal or irreparable related injuries due to a serious truck accident? Do you want to negotiate a personal injury claim settlement Yourself, on your own, with the insurance company for compensation? Then, contact our Law Firm today for experienced professional legal representation from a lawyer who cares. Our team of Boston MA & Braintree truck accident attorneys will advocate to help you on your behalf, so you recover payments for any damages incurred.

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Common Reasons for Commercial Vehicle Accidents

Studies published by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) show nearly two-third of trucking accidents resulted from distracted driving on the part of the semi-truck drivers in traffic. CMV drivers deal with distractions like other motorists, such as texting, cellphones, or changing GPS settings, car stereo, and some things that take DISTRACT from driving. Some of the common distractions truck drivers face include:

  • Drinking and eating or behind the wheel rather than stopping for breaks to stay on track with schedules
  • Cargo Shifting other cargo and other noises from inside or outside the truck
  • Communications with dispatchers
  • Reading printed maps and shipping instructions

Dominate Factors that contribute to trucking accidents include demanding schedules, lack of proper vehicle maintenance, improper loads, and reckless behaviors on the truck driver.

Understanding: Trucking Accidents- & Related Legal Issues

Trucking accidents are distinguished from Routine Automobile Accidents in that they Involve large trailers, typically weighing over 10,000 lbs. In the USA, almost 500,000 trucking accidents occur annually, with 5,000 leading to death. Thus, trucking accident collisions are responsible for one out of every eight traffic fatalities every year.

What to Do After a major Truck Accident in Massachusetts

In Massachusetts, automobile motorists share the road with truck drivers, Transporting wares of the companies across the United States. Unfortunately, these truck drivers who push all day frequently become tired and even fall asleep at the wheel, causing catastrophic accidents that affect innocent bystanders. Though all auto accidents can have potentially devastating effects, the dangers become much more significant when big transport trucks are concerned. Keep in mind that the lawyers at Nicholas Nashawaty Law Firm are here today to help you in the wake of a mess.

Pain and Suffering Damages in Massachusetts

In a Case, You Have been a victim of a trucking accident, you will find several Entities that can be held responsible for your injuries or might otherwise have to remit damages and compensation for your injuries. The vehicle/driver of the truck might be held personally liable for the crash, mainly if the accident was due to the negligent acts of their truck driver. Whether this driver was the employee of another when the trucking accident occurred, the company employing the vehicle/truck driver may also be held liable. If you have insurance coverage at the time of your trucking accident, you need to submit an insurance claim to get your medical bills paid and receive compensation for damages to your car or truck.

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Accidents involving commercial trucks can be quite severe and result in devastating injuries and even death. Please contact the Massachusetts trucking accident attorneys at Nicholas Nashawaty’s Law Firm if you, Your Family, or someone near your love has been seriously injured from a truck accident. O
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