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Personal injuries near Boston MA can impact your life forever, not to mention the added cost of car repairs and your medical bills. Missing work from personal injuries you suffered auto damage near Boston only adds to your emotional stress.


At Nashawaty & Rand, we know how to help you along the way in dealing with the insurance companies, getting you the compensation you deserve, and ultimately giving you peace of mind.

Were You Injured in a Massachusetts auto accident? Have you suffered an emotional or bodily or injury due to someone else’s negligence?

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At The Law Office of Nashawaty & Rand, we focus on personal injury cases near you in the Boston Massachusetts surrounding areas as well as wrongful death cases. If you were hurt, we could help you. From those injured in motorcycle, auto and trucking accidents to those injured at work, by medical malpractice, nursing home abuse & neglect, and more, We even handle those financially injured in Massachusetts by insurance company bad faith and fraud.

You can trust our Boston attorneys, and investigators, to work for you. Collectively, Our Boston personal injury lawyers have more than a combined 20 years of legal experience helping injured people like you to recover for their losses, and we would like the opportunity to help you. Last year alone, we represented new clients who had been injured and needed our help to recover their losses. We always work on a contingency fee when we represent those suffering injuries, which means we don’t get paid until and unless you do.


When filing a Massachusetts personal injury claim, an important step you can take is to find a knowledgeable local MA, personal injury lawyer near you to be your helping hand through the often tedious injury claim process. After an injury, We encourage you to seek legal help right away. Our Boston area Injury Attorneys will provide you with what you need to begin the process of recovery, both physically and financially. Our Boston Injury Attorneys want to help you to take the very best course of action to ensure that the compensation you receive is of fair value.

We Provide Award-Winning Attorney Representation Near You

At Nashawaty & Rand, we will provide a level of personal injury representation that can be used to your advantage. We can provide the support you need for your Massachusetts injury case with our board-certified personal injury trial lawyers on staff. We understand that each client is different and that each case should be treated with individual attention.

We Promise Signature Attorney Customer Service

Signature customer service is the cornerstone of our Massachusetts Law firm’s commitment to our clients. You won’t just be another number on a file. Our Boston area Injury Attorneys put our client’s best interests before our own, 100% of the time.

At Nashawaty & Rand, Attorneys At Law; We Have the Answers to Your Questions

Are you curious as to how you will pay for medical bills or recover lost wages after an injury? How does the entire legal process work? Where do you even start? These are the questions that our Boston Injury Attorneys will answer for you. We have experience handling a variety of injury cases, including but not limited to:


1) Auto Accidents in Massachusetts
2) Aviation Accidents in Massachusetts
3) Bus Crashes in Massachusetts
4) Child Injuries in Massachusetts
5) Commercial Vehicle Crashes
6) Daycare Abuse in Massachusetts
7) Defective Auto Products
8) Dog Bites in Massachusetts
9) Explosion Injuries in Massachusetts
10) Motorcycle Crashes in Massachusetts
11) Pedestrian and Bicycle Accidents in Massachusetts
12) Slip & Fall Injuries in Massachusetts
13) Traumatic Brain Injuries in Massachusetts
14) Workplace Injuries in Massachusetts
15) Wrongful Death in Massachusetts


What to do When Involved in a Massachusetts Auto Accident People don’t plan on being involved in a car accident, but it is vital to know you should do if one happens. Taking the 1 st steps early on can help your odds of recovering financial damages.

Below are some things you should do after a Massachusetts personal injury accident, if possible:

1) Shut off your vehicle. Leaving the scene of a traffic accident is a crime.
2) Call 911 if someone is injured. If not, call the local police. They can tell you whether or not to move the vehicle.
3) Get the names, phone numbers, addresses, of people at the scene, particularly witnesses.
4) See a physician. Be detailed in explaining any injuries or problems from the accident, and you are experiencing.
5) Call The Law Offices of Nashawaty & Rand. You may need a car accident lawyer near you to ensure that every effort is made toward a fair resolution of your injury claim.
6) Do not sign anything and do not make any statements if an insurance adjuster shows up.
7) Call your insurance carrier after you have spoken with your lawyer.

Why Should I Choose Nick Nashawaty?

1) Get more revenues – Getting answers will help you know the true value of your injury claim in Massachusetts.
2) Did you know Insurance companies will try to pay you less than your personal injury claim is worth? – don’t let them.
3) You’ll have the option to speak with our Boston Massachusetts auto accident attorney in your area – for free!
4) You have nothing to lose! The evaluation is COMPLETELY FREE.

Why Should I Speak with Attorney Nick Nashawaty?

1) Get more money – using a local and trusted MA personal injury attorney usually results in a higher compensation payout for you.
2) There are no out-of-pocket costs when using our experienced injury accident attorney – the consultation is COMPLETELY FREE, and the payment comes as a percentage of your case winnings.
3) Dealing with insurance companies is tedious. Our injury attorneys can handle the insurance company for you.
4) Get medical care, even if you don’t have medical insurance – Our local Boston area attorney can connect you to doctors who will treat you without upfront payment.

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