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A number of our customers feel angry or afraid about filing a Massachusetts bankruptcy case near Weymouth. Please note that there is no reason to feel it means you are a failure or to have feelings of submitting. Very likely, you’ve got friends, neighbors, and coworkers who have registered, and you just don’t know about it. Additionally, many people and companies have gone bankrupt, including:

1) President Abraham Lincoln
2) Writer Mark Twain
3) Automobile Manufacturer Henry Ford
4) Hall of Fame quarterback Johnny Unitas
5) Hollywood director Francis Ford Coppola
6) Television personality Larry King
7) Actor Mickey Rooney
8) Actor Burt Reynolds
9) Actress Kim Basinger
10) Entertainer Jerry Lee Lewis
11) Entertainer Wayne Weymouth
12) Entertainer M.C. Hammer
13) Entertainer Toni Braxton
14) Continental Airlines
15) United Airlines
16) US Airways (twice)


Service Goals: The only goal of our service is to get you out of debt for the least amount of money possible. Our law firm creates a personalized “get out of debt plan”, which is custom made for your specific circumstances and flexible enough to change as needed. To get out of debt in Weymouth, MA, for the lowest possible amount, you need to have access to all Massachusetts consumer protection rights. Creditors know that our experienced “one-stop-shop” Weymouth bankruptcy chapters 7, 11, and 13 attorneys near you in Weymouth and the New England Areas that can and will protect you no matter what is required: from harassment to settlement, from lawsuits in Weymouth to contesting judgments, and even bankruptcy. This gives you much more negotiation power to resolve Massachusetts debts for less.

Are You Struggling With Debt ?

Nashawaty & Rand have devoted their careers to helping clients obtain the maximum debt relief available in the following types of cases:

Weymouth Massachusetts Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: This type of Weymouth bankruptcy eliminates all credit card debt, medical bills, and unsecured loans in Massachusetts, and can also be used in cases with Weymouth mortgages and Weymouth Car loans that the individual can no longer afford.

Weymouth Massachusetts Chapter 13 Bankruptcy: This type of bankruptcy near you in Weymouth MA is used to save a Weymouth home from mortgage foreclosure in Massachusetts and repays past-due Weymouth mortgage payments and other Weymouth debt, including taxes in MA, over some time, typically in manageable monthly payments. This chapter also allows for stripping off of second mortgages and avoiding foreclosure in Weymouth, MA.

Weymouth Massachusetts Second Mortgage Stripping: If you have a second mortgage in Weymouth or Weymouth Massachusetts home equity loan and the total amount due on your first Massachusetts, mortgage (including arrearages) exceeds the value of your Weymouth home, you can obtain a discharge of the second mortgage/home equity Weymouth loan through a Chapter 13 Plan in Weymouth near.

Weymouth Massachusetts Foreclosure Avoidance: A Weymouth bankruptcy foreclosing bank is stopped in its tracks upon the filing of a bankruptcy Weymouth bankruptcy. A Weymouth Chapter 13 filing that provides for curing the mortgage in Weymouth arrearage over the plan period allows you to keep your home in Weymouth by making regular Weymouth mortgage payments going forward, plus your Chapter 13 Plan payment.

Weymouth Massachusetts Student Loan Debt: Weymouth Student loans are not dischargeable in Weymouth bankruptcy unless their payment would constitute “under hardship” Massachusetts on the Debtor. Contact a professional at Nashawaty & Rand near Weymouth Massachusetts to discuss the available options to avoid aggressive collection tactics such as wage garnishment or execution on judgments by selling assets.|

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Weymouth MA Bankruptcy Provides Immediate Relief From Debt If you’re facing foreclosure and are unable to make the minimum payment on credit card bills and car loans in Weymouth, bankruptcy in Weymouth, maybe the best option available for saving your home in Weymouth, and regaining your financial footing.

You Can Expect Debt Relief near you in Weymouth As Soon As Your Weymouth Bankruptcy Case Is Filed in Massachusetts. Once you file for either Chapter 7 in Weymouth or Chapter 13 in Weymouth bankruptcy in Weymouth, an injunction is known as the “automatic stay” goes into effect. The automatic stay requires creditors to stop all collection actions, including lawsuits. Banks and mortgage companies in Weymouth must halt foreclosure proceedings.

Filing a bankruptcy petition in Weymouth can be beneficial in a wide range of Conditions: If you’re close to foreclosure on your home in Weymouth, declaring bankruptcy in Weymouth may prevent this by going forward and even establish a payment arrangement that will help you pay off your arrears.

Bankruptcy in Weymouth can help reduce or even wipe your medical bills out. Large medical bills in Weymouth, particularly when combined with a loss of employment in Weymouth, can make a nearly impossible financial hole to climb out of.

Bankruptcy in Weymouth can stop harassing creditors in Weymouth, from turning up on your doorstep, mainly if they are being unfairly pushy or irrational or fraudulently trying to accept more than you owe in Weymouth.

If your Weymouth utilities are shut off, bankruptcy in Weymouth can help revive services Even though your student loans in Weymouth will typically not evaporate, bankruptcy in Weymouth might help you to lower amounts owed so that you can pay them off at a reasonable period.

Weymouth Bankruptcy can end wage garnishment, so you’ll have the ability to afford life’s necessities. Weymouth Bankruptcy may be the most logical and very best way to get a fresh start in your future. If you are currently facing one or more of those issues, Contact to estimate how filing bankruptcy in Weymouth can impact your individual situation.

Q: When should I file for bankruptcy in Weymouth ?

A: The choice to file for bankruptcy in Weymouth, Massachusetts, is the hardest decision a person has to make. But if you are in danger of taxation in Weymouth, garnished wages in Weymouth, repossessions in Weymouth, or are currently facing debts in Weymouth, which you are to pay, setting off the inevitable. Procrastination can cost you your house in Weymouth, our payments in Weymouth, and your vehicle in Weymouth.

Q: How will the change in Weymouth bankruptcy laws affect me?

A: Inadequate preparation in their lifetime in Weymouth. It can often make the process harder. It goes without saying that filing for bankruptcy in Weymouth should be a last resort, and should only be done when all other methods of fulfilling one’s Weymouth financial obligations have been exhausted. The Bankruptcy Abuse Protection and Consumer Protection Act, passed in 2005, put much stricter rules about personal bankruptcy filings. You should speak to a Weymouth Bankruptcy lawyer near you, someone knowledgeable about the bankruptcy laws in Weymouth, so you will have a better idea of what to expect when you file for bankruptcy in Weymouth.

Some of those guidelines in Weymouth include mandatory debt counseling in Weymouth and income limitations in Weymouth on who can and cannot present. Based on the number of your circumstances, your income in Weymouth, and the money that you have in Weymouth, you might not be permitted to register. Instead, you might be forced to file.

Q: Will, all of my debts, have been forgiven if I file bankruptcy in Weymouth ?

A. Even if you file for bankruptcy in Weymouth, you will still have to pay your child support in Weymouth, back taxes in Weymouth, federal student loans, or debts incurred as a result of theft or fraud in Weymouth (writing bad checks in Weymouth by way of example). If you are not clear on which debts in Weymouth will also won’t be discharged, talk with a Massachusetts debt relief bankruptcy attorney near you in Weymouth or reputable credit counselor before filing. Many people wrongly feel that filing bankruptcy will “wipe the slate clean” and absolve them of their financial obligations, but that is not necessarily true all the time.

Not having all of the necessary documents and forms could result in not getting all of your debts in Weymouth included in the bankruptcy in Weymouth, meaning you will continue to be accountable to them after you file for bankruptcy in Weymouth. Your case might be dismissed if you are not present at the time of your test, and you’ll have to re-file at a future date. Additionally, you could be forced to pay court expenses. You’ll also need to bring a valid photo ID to the trial. You have to be ready for the hearing. Failing to show up or prepare for your examination won’t buy you more time.

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