As a bankruptcy attorney, many people have tried debt consolidation utilizing debt settlement companies.


The criticism filed against Freedom Debt Relief cites these problems. A few things that the complaint says concerning Freedom: Freedom misled customers about whether all the creditors will be willing to negotiate, or only SOME of them will be willing to negotiate. In my experience, individuals who attempt debt settlement companies have a small preliminary success in settling a couple of trades, but the additional creditors continue to amass and maybe even get judgments. The debt negotiation company can’t keep the other debt collectors at bay.

Debt settlement companies do not prevent debt collection law firms from getting judgments while they’re working to repay other debts. Bankruptcy, however, has the automated remain immediately stops any creditor by attempting to have a review, and voids or sparks most preexisting conclusions. In the Boston debt settlement, the company takes as a commission a portion of any money that they get the creditors to forgive. The complaint alleges that Freedom was accepting fees for other reasons, too, such as if the collector willingly gives up on collecting the debt.

Nashwati & Rand Attorneys At Law in Boston Law Offices does insolvency in Boston on a cheap flat fee. The settlement company places that cash aside and then attempts to settle the debts one at a time by providing a lump sum to the creditors. In case the customer wants to stop, then the settlement organization is supposed to give back whatever has not been- spent yet. If they set aside money every month, then some of that money should still be there. Freedom wasn’t refunding this cash.

Thinking smarter will help you to save money.

Why not find out more about Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy at Boston, determine whether bankruptcy is ideal for you with all our Free Consultation? Get in touch with us today, and tell us the way our Boston Bankruptcy Attorneys can help you now.


As experienced Boston Bankruptcy Attorneys, we hear many misinformation and bankruptcy myths that people think are true. You cannot file for bankruptcy when You Have a Job. Sounds plausible. In the end, if you’re working, certainly you can cover your bills and in addition to your rent, car payments and place food on the table. You can file for bankruptcy in Boston when You Have a job:

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Boston it’s a repayment program.

Remember: your bankruptcy lawyer will tell you everything that you want to know. Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Boston, Massachusetts requires full debt repayment; if you pay a debt back, you have to pay it all back. Wrong. Chapter 13 payments Differ from nothing to the Entire amount.


Again, this isn’t true; it’s another of these bankruptcy myths. In Massachusetts, Filing for bankruptcy Boston frequently improves your credit rating very quickly because you’re fixing your financial circumstance to creditors. Many consumers are- offered and approved for credit cards, even before their Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Boston is- completed. Recall: this is at a relatively large interest rate, but credit is still available to those who have filed bankruptcy in Boston.

You lose everything you own. Again, it’s one of those bankruptcy myths. However, suppose you already had an extravagant lifestyle. In that case, you might lose your luxury items: Remember: that the vast majority of people whole file bankruptcy in Boston is not likely to lose much at all according to their situation; what may seem to be an enormous debt to you may not to others, so we advise everybody individually. Recall: we will counsel you on if filing for bankruptcy is right for you.

While bankruptcy might have been a taboo topic before, it is getting more mainstream and nothing to be ashamed of, particularly after the brutal economic environment faced by many ordinary people like you. Waiting for bankruptcy could be the best way to stop stressing about money and how you are going to afford to:

Food on the table for your kids, Purchase gas so you can drive to work, pay your rent or mortgage, Recall: there is no stigma attached to bankruptcy now. You’re reckless with money. Again it seems clear, which’s why you’re considering filing bankruptcy. However, we know we are a lot of reasons why people file for bankruptcy. We do not see customers who have gone wild with their credit cards on designer shoes, supercars, or luxury holidays. Our clients are regular men and women who frequently do not afford to cover through no fault of their invoices. Our typical clients are people who have undergone a significant life-changing occasion, such as:

1) Losing their job
2) Getting divorced
3) Having a long term medical condition
4) There’s nothing glamorous about these scenarios.
5) Recall: even rich and successful actors go bankrupt.


Although You Might Be- tempted: to Hide some of your possessions Give them to family or friends for safekeeping until your bankruptcy is full, Sell them less than they are worth, You can’t., if you’re honest with your Boston bankruptcy attorney, they will make sure you maintain what you are legally entitled to; as soon as you file for Massachusetts Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Boston and it has been- finalized, and you are ready to get on with your life, it would help if you still did some things after insolvency. Here is what we suggest.


You’ll get a copy of your entire bankruptcy petition from the bankruptcy lawyer and a copy of your discharge order in the courtroom. You should keep these if you need to refer to them in the future, like when applying for a mortgage, new credit such as or even if a former creditor attempts to collect on an old debt. If you have misplaced these, my workplace keeps them on record indefinitely, but it’s always best to get your backup.


Doing this will also make sure your previous debts are not- moved to a debt collection agency. You will have to make sure that you regularly check your credit reports to ensure that your records are right. You should allow around three weeks for documents updated on your account, so there’s not necessarily any need to worry if there are issues at first.

Nashwati & Rand Attorneys At Law in Boston Law Offices will help you pull your credit reports after bankruptcy, and we’ll dispute anything about your Massachusetts bankruptcy in Boston that is incorrect. By budgeting, you’ll be able to realize your earnings and expenses and comprehend what cash you’ve left after paying your invoices.


According to Nerdwallet, as small as $250 is sufficient to begin an emergency fund. You will hopefully, By having an emergency fund, prevent the circumstances that started your past financial troubles. Obtaining a low limit credit card and utilizing it to only pay for your gas, groceries, or paying it at the end of the month is a great idea. It indicates that you can budget, pay your bills on time, and not reach your limit every month. Perhaps you will also want to consider a new car or a mortgage in the next several years. Rebuilding your credit can provide you more opportunities to acquire the automobile new or finance home you desire.

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