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In Massachusetts, Filing for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Boston begins with a phone call to set you up with a FREE debt consultation at our Boston office, there is no obligation for your free bankruptcy consultation. During your appointment, you will meet an experienced Boston bankruptcy attorney to discuss your case. We’ll collect the information necessary to understand your scenario from you, including your:

The Way Chapter 13 Bankruptcy works, What Should be done until you document, What it does and does not do, What it charges, Whether bankruptcy is an option for you, Up to this stage, there’s not any obligation whatsoever.Once you understand that filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy is right for you, this process component is fun.Assets, Debts, Revenue, Expenses, we’ll analyze your situation and inform you about your options and answer your questions and concerns. We’ll inform you:

This meeting is the creditor’s chance to appear and ask you questions.

Mostly, however, creditors do NOT appear.Why?

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy protection is vital, and the creditors understand, there is NOT much they could do.In most cases, Their job is to review the schedules filed in your case and to examine you to be sure you told the” truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth…so help you, God”.In most cases, that is all that occurs at this meeting.It usually requires less than 15 minutes.In the month following our creditor’s assembly, you must complete a financial management program that takes about 2 hours. Our office will provide you with the contact and case information you want.


You receive a fresh start — after the bankruptcy in Massachusetts is-filed, and discharged, the only debts you owe will be for secured assets on which you choose to sign a”Reaffirmation Agreement” and any obligations excluded (most taxes, student loans, child support) in a Chapter 7 discharge.

Creditor’s efforts are- stopped on the bankruptcy filing date. any income Except for inheritances, you earn and your property after the bankruptcy filing date are yours. to file this type of bankruptcy There Is Not Any minimum amount of debt required and the case is often over (discharged) in about 3-6 months.


. These are general guidelines for your Massachusetts Chapter 7 bankruptcy Boston benefits and pitfalls.Every situation differs, and your case will determine which type of insolvency, to learn about the options available to youpersonally, please call us for a free consultation with an experienced bankruptcy lawyer in Boston, MA.The Massachusetts automatic stay created by filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Boston serves as a temporary defense against foreclosure Co-signers of financing may be stuck with your debt unless they also file for bankruptcy protection.

Too Many reasons a bankruptcy in Boston Can be Dismissed.


If you perpetrate bankruptcy fraud.This is the action of intentionally being dishonest about your financial situation and may include things like hiding assets or falsifying documents.

2. This might be because you have enough disposable income between the quantity of money you are having coming in monthly, along with your outgoings, then your case will be dismissed. However, your Chapter 7 Bankruptcy application can be converted into some Chapter 13 Bankruptcy that is a repayment program.

3. If you fail to finish the credit counseling course before your bankruptcy, your case will likely be disregarded. This course can be completed online or on the phone, and you will be awarded a certificate of completion, which must be filed with the court.

4. If you don’t cover the insolvency court filing penalties, then your case will be dismissed. If you’re on a low income, you may apply for a waiver of those fees, or you may be able to cover them in installments. Until you’ve written evidence, you must assume you still need to pay the court filing charges in full.


If you don’t fill out the paperwork correctly or submit them on time, your bankruptcy case will be dismissed. You’ll also be required to submit additional documentation, including your tax return, to the court.

If you don’t keep up the repayments on your Chapter 13 Bankruptcy for the whole period of the 3-5 year plan, then the court may dismiss your case, which makes you liable for your debts. We’ve successfully managed bankruptcy cases and are confident that we could provide you with the financial freedom you need.

Why not find what our customers say about us?If you’ve decided you ought to file for bankruptcy, then why do not abandon it to our experienced Boston Bankruptcy Attorneys?

Here are the most common reasons we hear.


If you’re worried about your finances and regularly have to determine whether to cover your bills or buy clothing for your children, put gas in the car, or food onto the table, then is there a reason you have not filed for bankruptcy yet? Perhaps you have never been to see a lawyer before, never mind a bankruptcy lawyer in Boston. Maybe by not thinking about it, your money problems will go away.

They won’t.


You may believe that because you got yourself into this circumstance, that you ought to do the ‘right thing’ and end up out of it independently. However, you might only be paying the minimum monthly repayment on your credit cards, or lacking meals so that you children can consume, or working 2 or 3 jobs just to make ends meet. Is this anxiety worth it, whenever there is help available?

Thought not.


As you are a proud individual, you don’t want help, do you? You want to do everything on your own. Besides, you’re not the type of individual that files for bankruptcy, are you? You didn’t live a lavish lifestyle of designer clothing, extravagant vacations, or crazy parties. You don’t have bead encrusted plates or solid gold door handles, would you? No.


A newly divorced father of two, together with childcare, and large car and mortgage payments to make out of your single income, Suffering from a medical condition, and now you’ve got to choose whether to rest and get better, or Return to work to pay the bills. Devastated because your overtime has been trimmed, meaning that you’re only making minimum wage today and can’t manage your mortgage

Searching for a job since your factory closed and need to cover everything on your charge card That You cannot afford to repay. depositing your kid’s student loan later she died, since the lender demanded repayment immediately, as you are the consignee. These are simply some of our normal bankruptcy clients and the reason why they filed for bankruptcy.


You might be reluctant to file for bankruptcy as you are concerned about what other people will consider you. With thousands and thousands of individuals filing for bankruptcy each year, it makes no sense to endure when you don’t have.

There’s a way out to you.


Perhaps you’re confident that your situation will improve once you receive a better job and is able to pay your invoices and your debts.

Just how long are you going to wait? What about each time the telephone rings or the mailman knocks at the door? Can you prevent speaking to your lenders forever? Can your situation improve if you do not do anything about it?

It won’t.


Now you know more about why individuals filed for bankruptcy; in the event you think about it too?

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