Safeguard Your Assets with Help from an Experienced Estate Planning Lawyer

At Nashawaty & Rand, We Are Dedicated to Helping Families and Business Owners Establish and Execute Their Assets and Estates for Their Future Generations

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Legal estate planning is necessary in order to protect the assets you have worked hard to earn, and to securely pass them on to your beneficiaries.

Our estate planning attorneys have the experience and knowledge to help you plan for the future, no matter how big or small your estate is. We can suggest and draft these valuable estate planning documents to fit any type of situation.

With over 25 years of experience, our team of lawyers are well versed in all things estate planning and are excited to begin working with you today.

What Our Estate Planning Attorneys Can Offer You

We have a wide array of experience drafting both simple and complex wills and trusts that set money aside for minor children, as well as those in long-term care such as nursing homes. We can help you to execute durable powers of attorney documents to protect your children and alter guardianship. We also counsel couples in Braintree, Quincy, Weymouth, Milton, Brookline and Boston about the tax benefits associated with marriage and how to protect their current or future children.

Our Team of Probate Attorneys Can Assist You With:

  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Administration and disposition of assets during one’s lifetime
  • Decision-making with disabling illnesses
  • Disposition of assets through aggressive tax planning
  • Healthcare power of attorneys
  • Durable power of attorneys for bill paying and asset management
  • Living wills

Each of these documents are important in order to protect your estate’s assets from state or federal taxes and to ensure that your money goes to your beneficiaries directly (not the government).

Preparing for the Future the Smart Way

estate planning

Establishing an estate plan is one of the most important steps that someone can take to protect themselves and their loved ones. Proper estate planning puts you in charge of your finances and spares your loved ones from the delay, expense, and stress associated with managing one’s affairs after they have become ill or pass away. At Nashawaty & Rand, we are also ready and able to represent you in cases of contested wills, which may occur upon the questioning of the validity of a will that was previously created.

It’s important to seek the help of a professional MA estate planning lawyer that knows the laws well. Call our experienced team of estate planning attorneys today at 781-848-8545 for a free initial consultation. We can offer you helpful advice on estate planning and guide you in preparing the necessary documents in order to set up a will and/or trust for your family.

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