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Have You Been Hurt In A Car Crash or Suffered Personal Injury’s from an Auto Accident in Millis And It Was Someone Else’s Fault?

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At Nashawaty & Rand, Personal Injury Attorneys At Law in Millis, Our local Massachusetts personal injury law firm has years of trial experience. It is doubtful your injury case will go to trial in Millis, MA. The key to a settlement is showing the defendant that you are prepared to take the case to trial if they do not agree to the highest settlement amount available to you. Our attorneys are confident in their ability to represent even the most complex cases throughout the Greater Millis district courts. We can help you recover financial losses for your pain and suffering. If medical treatment or physical injury results from an accident that you were not at fault for in or around Millis, MA, call us for a free consultation.

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How Does a Millis Personal Injury Case Work?

No two accidents are exactly alike, and its also right that no two-car accident Millis personal injury cases will be the same. Almost all instances against auto insurers settle out-of-court. The key to a successful settlement is letting the auto-insurers know that you are PREPARED TO TAKE THE CASE TO TRIAL!

A Millis area Plaintiff Determines that Defendant Breached a Legal Duty Millis MA.  Aside from Auto-Accidents, there are other forms of personal-car/ auto injury that we handle at Nashawaty & Rand. For example, doctors in Millis must provide medical care with a required level of skill, or else their insurance company is liable for damages. Additionally, Manufacturers and Distributors have a responsibility not to put defective or unreasonably dangerous products on the market. If a faulty or unreasonably dangerous product injures you, call us today for a free case value estimate.

What Settlement Talks can Occur if you retain our law firm in Millis, MA, for your accident car Injury case?

The Defendant in Millis (or the insurance company representing him or her) may wish to settle outside of court. In exchange for the Millis injured person’s binding promise not to file a lawsuit in Millis, Massachusetts accident injury. It would involve making an offer of monetary compensation to the injured person in Millis.

What is the Tort law in Millis, MA, Massachusetts, mean?

Did you know Tort law allows a person bodily injured in Millis to go to civil court? You could get a legal payout from insurance companies for all losses from an accident or other types of personal injury-related car, truck and motorcycle accidents in Millis, slip and fall accidents in Millis, spinal injury incidents in Millis, and more (financial-damages).

The purpose of the personal injury system is to allow the injured person in Millis to get compensated financially or “made whole”  after the injured person in Millis has suffered harm/ damages due to someone else’s carelessness, negligence, or intentional conduct. So What Are The Other Basics of Millis’s Personal Injury Laws You Should Know?

What Defines Slip and Fall Accidents for Millis, Massachusetts.?

A retailer in Millis must keep a reasonably safe environment for individuals to shop at when inviting them on their premises to conduct business. Did you slipped and fell due to an unsafe condition that remained at a retailer during your visit? Did you know you have legal rights and may be entitled to compensation? Call Nashawaty & Rand for a free case estimate.

What are Intentional Acts (Torts) in Millis, Massachusetts?

In the Massachusetts Judicial System, when a defendant’s intentional conduct in or around Millis creates an injury to another person, the defendant is liable to pay for medical costs as well as compensate the Plaintiff (you) for the pain and suffering caused. The pain and suffering and physical injuries can be long-lasting, life-altering events. Call Nashawaty & Rand for a free case estimate.

What Defines Defective Products in Millis, Massachusetts.?

There are situations where a defendant can be found liable for personal injuries in Millis without any intentional wrongdoing. Examples of this include certain types of product liability claims in Millis arising from a defective product near you in Millis, MA. If you were injured using a product as directed, or if sufficient warnings were not given to you, causing you to misuse a product and get injured, Call us for a free consultation today.

What Does the term Defamation of Character in Millis, Massachusetts Mean?

Personal Injury does not always need to be physical. One’s reputation has value. Different laws apply to private v. public individuals in Massachusetts to determine the level of compensation that is available to those hurt through Slander (spoken defamation) or Libel (written defamation). Media Outlets, Police Officers, District Attorneys, Employers, and other powers-that-be are responsible for their words and actions. If you feel as though a 3rd party has wrongfully attacked your character, call Nashawaty & Rand to discuss your available options for pursuing compensation.



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Nashawaty & Rand is a law firm that has been practicing in and around Massachusetts for nearly thirty years. The firm opened for business as Nashawaty, Hayden & Rand in 1983. Our Millis attorneys are local, reasonable members of the community who have been fighting to protect our client’s rights for nearly thirty years. You have nothing to lose, and the evaluation is completely free.

Whether you reside in Suffolk County, Norfolk County, Plymouth County, or any other Greater Millis metro areas, finding a top-rated local attorney near you is of paramount importance to your injury case. We have a record of working well with referral attorneys and serving our clients in Millis, Massachusetts.

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five star reviews

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