If debt and bills become overwhelming, bankruptcy in Boston can become your only action to recover peace of mind on your finances. Once you file bankruptcy, in Boston Massachusetts the court issues an order to each creditor known as an automatic stay, prevents collection actions and civil lawsuits from being filed against you before the bankruptcy filed in Boston is- completed or that automatic stay is- lifted. It is the automatic stay that could make insolvency so compelling for some. It can shield you more than you might imagine. By way of instance, it stops garnishment for student loans.


Evictions — Among the most frequent motives to file bankruptcy is that your debt will probably see you homeless. If deportation is imminent, the automatic stay can help. Unfortunately, this is generally temporary but will allow you to pay back later on paying rent in Boston. If the landlord in Boston already has a judgment for flooding, the automatic stay will not benefit if the landlord in Boston is seeking eviction for property damage or illegal substance use, it cannot help.

Wage Garnishment — There are a few circumstances, such as garnishment for child support, that are not influenced by an automatic stay. However, if another debt is causing your salary to be garnished, the automatic stay will stop this. It will let you return with a full paycheck, and bankruptcy will work to using that debt discharged.

Foreclosure —Like flooding, an automatic stay can buy you time if your house is in foreclosure. But if you own a home, what happens next is dependent on which sort of bankruptcy you file. Chapter 7 temporarily prevents foreclosure, but a Chapter 13 bankruptcy using a repayment program will permit you to keep ownership. Regardless, the automatic stay will still get you two months at the minimum.

Utility Shut Off — While a single utility bill that is being- threatened is never actually caused to file bankruptcy, even if it is merely one of many financial worries, the automatic stay can discontinue it for at least 20 days.


Child Support Collection — If you’ve been demanded by the family court to pay child or spousal support, an automatic stay won’t prevent this. You’re still required to pay that amount.

Criminal Punishments —Similar to support obligations, if you have penalties that were- put as a punishment for a crime, you are required to pay them. The automatic stay and bankruptcy will not have any impact on them.

Taxes — The automatic stay can temporarily stop some taxation issues such as correctly seizure or liens. Even though the automatic stay is- set up, many activities by the IRS will still proceed.

401(k) Loans — When you took a loan from your 401(k), an automatic stay will not have any impact on repayment. This- will come directly from your earnings, so while an automatic stay can discontinue some wage garnishment, it cannot stop that a good thing since you wouldn’t need the 401(k) loan repayment to prevent bankruptcy.


An automatic stay can help you maintain your house and keep the lights on in it, while insolvency will allow you to discharge the debt. If you want to begin the bankruptcy process and retake the reins for your out of control debt, contact us today. The bankruptcy lawyers at the Nashawaty & Rand Attorney At Law in Boston Law Offices are- prepared to help you through each step of what doesn’t have to be a complicated process


First and foremost — don’t panic! There might be a possibility that the financial institution owes you cash. Google and internet forums may offer insight and temporarily place your mind at ease. However, it is in your very best interest to speak to a trained professional to prevent lawsuits and even time in prison. You may have gotten a debt collection notice from a creditor, bank, debt collection agency, hospital, or school if you’ve been unable to pay what you owe on time. While these finds could be intimidating, there are specific protocols that these institutions must follow to honor your rights. And if they don’t, then Nashawaty & Rand Attorney At Law in Boston might have the ability to acquire a settlement for you or find the debt forgiven.

YOU Require a LAWYER

After the initial wave of fear has settled, it is time to lawyer up. Not only may the bank pay you hundreds — or even thousands — of dollars, you might not owe them anything at all. There is also a fantastic chance you could sue them for ridding you. While laws vary from 1 nation to another, it is a federal crime for a lawyer to harass you for debt. These are considered harassment by judges

Repeatedly calling your home phone or cell phone at improper times (i.e., very early in the morning or late at night), Refusing to stop calling you, Sending automated calls or messages into your home phone or cell phone as it pertains to your debt, Sending debt collection letters or notices that are perplexing, Sending debt collection letters that contain misstatements, misprints, or incorrect information Generally, Attempting to collect a debt you’ve paid, Trying to collect debt That’s outside of this statute of limitations, Trying to collect additional fees, Talking to your family, friends, coworkers, or company about your debt, Threatening you


As the United States Courts outline on their website, there are multiple kinds of bankruptcy. Bankruptcy permits you to discard debt or get on a payment plan, so long as you are in a position to prove your income and resources are not sufficient to pay what you owe.

Chapter 7 in Boston MA is a form of bankruptcy that doesn’t require you to get on a payment plan. Instead, people manage their assets and use the proceeds to repay the.ir debt.

Chapter 9 is a kind of insolvency especially designated for municipalities, cities, townships, villages and school districts, and tax districts that allow them to reorganize their debt.

Chapter 11 is a form of bankruptcy that allows businesses to liquidate their resources and reorganize their debt to keep operations running.

Chapter 13in Boston is a form of bankruptcy that enables individuals to form a sensible plan to repay their debt, generally within a three to five-year period without sacrificing their property.

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